This blog is not your daddy

This blog is where it's at

Oh really? Well... It's where my stuff's at. What stuff? Articles on programming, mainly. In Java (good) and PHP (bad). Sometimes aiming for performance, sometimes looking for easy solutions and extendible programming, sometimes despairing to get anything to work. Pretty much always Object Oriented and never all that hardcorde. No bit-shifts here.

So what's the plan?

To start with, Java & PHP are gonna be the two main topics of this site. You can see 'm both listed in the navigation bar to the left. Click on one of these and be transported into the wonderful world that is the archive of anteresting articles. Usually it goes something like this:

 * Mike At Work CMS :: css.php
 * Loads the css of the Mike At Work system, all plug-ins
 *  including the CMS part, the CMS and all CMS modules, before
 *  outputting them as a singe css file
define ('ROOT''../');
require_once (
require_once (
if (!
$session->logged_in) exit();

echo (
echo (

// Site plug-ins
if (is_object($plugin_loader)) {

// CMS plug-ins
if (is_object($cms_plugin_loader)) {

// CMS Module
if (is_object($cms_module_loader)) {

header('Content-type: text/css');


Followed by a short discussion of what's good & bad about it, or (if I know) why I did it that way.

Perhaps I'll even bitch about markup, semantics, or placing responsibilities within a framework.

If you dig that kind of thing, please, stick around